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The Confidas Group

The Confidas Group is a multi-family office established in New York in 1996.  It is one of the first family offices to cater to Latin American and European families.

Since inception, The Confidas Group has specialized in alternative investments including hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and real estate.


Confidas emphasizes the alignment of its interests with those of investors thereby ensuring absolute objectivity and the complete absence of conflicts of interest.  We are a “problem-solving” organisation which develops innovative solutions and presents new ideas as well as opportunities to investors.  Rather than selling investment products, Confidas serves as its investors’ advocate and provides solutions.


Confidas provides investors with a team of specialists who have each held senior positions in the asset management, research, private and/or investment banking groups of top-tier Wall Street firms.  The Confidas team combines decades of experience and relationships which enable it to cover the full spectrum of investor needs including traditional investments, alternatives, and corporate finance while using its critical mass to obtain institutional pricing and terms from providers of financial products and services.

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